Chapter 11:- United Nations (ICSE)

Q1. When did the United Nations Officially come into existence?

Ans. On 24th October, 1945

Q2. State the most important reason for the formation of the UNO?

Ans. Important reason for the formation of the UNO are:-

  • To maintain peace and security in the world through cooperation of all the countries.
  • To safeguard human life and provide justice to all.

Q3. Who appoints the secretary general of the United Nations?

Ans. The General Assembly.

Q4. State four functions of general assembly?

Ans. Any four functions of general assembly are as follows:-

  • To discuss questions related to international peace and security and to make recommendations on it.
  • To appoint the secretary general on the recommendation of the security council.
  •  To consider and approve the budget of the United Nations and to apportion the contributions among members.
  • To make recommendations for the peaceful settlement of disputes.


Q5. Name the permanent member countries of the security council?

Ans. USA, UK, Russia, France And China.

Q6. Mention any three functions of the security council?

Ans. Any three functions of the security council are:-

  1. Investigate any issues which might led to war.
  2. Imposition of economic sanctions against the erring nation.
  3. Starting military actions against the eering nations.

Q7. Mention Two ways by which the security council maintains international peace?

Ans. Two ways by which the security council maintains international peace:-

  1. Imposition of sanctions against the aggressor.
  2. Armed intervention, as the UN did with Iraq.

Q8. Where is the headquarters of the who is located?

Ans. Geneva (Switzerland).

Q9. Where is the permanent headquarters of the international court of justice located?

Ans. The Hague (Netherlands).

Q10. State the full form of all the agencies of the UN?

Ans. UNESCO:- United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

UNICEF:- United Nation International Children's Emergency Funds.

WHO:- World Health Organization.

UNDP:- United Nation Development Program .

ILO:- International Labor Organization.