Chapter 7:- Independence And Partition Of India (ICSE)


Q.1. Name the three members of the Cabinet Mission.

Ans. The three members of the Cabinet Mission were: Alexander. The main Purpose of the Cabinet Mission was:-

  1. To facilitate the transfer of power.
  2. To help the Indian leader in deciding the form of the government that would suit them after the transfer of power.
  3. Group A,B and C to form constituent assemblies from the respective groups.


Q.2. Mention two proposals of the Wavell plan.

Ans. Proposals of the Wavell plan:-

  1. The Executive Council would consist mainly of Indians except the post of the viceroy and the commander in chief.
  2. Hindus and Muslims would be given equal representation in the viceroy's executive council.
  3. The Constitution of India would be framed by Indians themselves.
  4. The power to the Veto would be in the hands of the viceroy.


Q.3. State two reasons given by the Cabinet Mission for rejecting the demand for a separate state of Pakistan.

Ans. The two reasons were:-

  1. Partition would involve dislocation of communal lines.
  2. It would involve decision of armed forces on command lines.
  3. Creation of Pakistan was not possible because its two parts would be separated by 700 miles.