ICSE-X Geography

chapter 5:- Mineral and Energy Recourses.

Q1.  Mention one advantage of the use of natural gas over coal or Petroleum?

 Name one Offshore oilfield of India?

Ans.  Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel energy source available. Natural gas also produces nearly one-third less carbon dioxide than coal and almost half less than oil when Burned.

Bombay High is an Offshore oil field 176 km off the coast of Mumbai, India.


Q2.  name the best quality of iron ore which has magnetic property?

 Name an important coal field located in West Bengal

Ans. magnetite

 Raniganj coalfield.


Q3. Name an Offshore oil field in the Gulf of Cambay?

 Name an oil refinery in Bihar?

Ans.  Alibet Island close to Bhaunger is in the Gulf of Cambay.


Q4. Which of the different varieties of coal is used for domestic purposes and why?

Ans. Bituminous is used for domestic purposes. burn slowly, less smoke, less Ash, high heating value.


Q5.   Which state in India is the largest producer of Mineral oil?

 Name two coastal and two inland oil refineries in India?

Ans.  Maharashtra is the largest producer of Mineral oil.

Coastal oil refinery :- Mumbai and Visakhapatnam.

Inland oil refinery:- Mathura and Barauni.


Q6.  What is Lignite name of two areas where Lignite is found in India?

Ans. Lignite is an inferior quality coal that contains 40% carbon and is less combustible. It is found in Gujarat and Tamilnadu.


 Q7.  Which variety of coal is popular for domestic use? Give a reason for your answer?

 Ans. Bituminous coal is popular for domestic use; it contains 80% carbon in it and its calorific value is very high.


Q8. Name two important oil fields of India?

Ans.  Two important oil fields of India are:-

  1. Digboi in Assam
  2. Mumbai High.


Q9.  Give geographical reason for each of the following:-

  1. Many port cities have their own oil refineries.
  2. Petroleum is called fossil fuel.
  3. Coal is called a versatile mineral.

Ans.  Geographic reasons for the following are given below:-

  1. As port city is a large consumer of oil and it produces a byproduct/to  to cut down transport cause as most of the crude oil is  imported.
  2. As petroleum is derived from the decomposition of organic matter under tremendous heat and pressure.
  3. As it has numerous uses  it can be converted into oil, gas and electricity/ used to generate power/ use a fossil fuel/ used as a raw material in numerous Industries like Iron and Steel, fertilize the and cement/ he is valuable by products Like naphtha and phenol.


Q10.  give geographical reasons why:-

  1. Anthracite is used for domestic purposes.
  2. Oil refineries are located close to oil fields or near ports.
  3. The location of coal fields is an important factor in industrial development.

Ans. Geographical regions are given down below for each of the following:-

  1. anthracite has a heating value, high calorific value and is smokeless and is good for domestic purposes.
  2. Oil refineries are located close to oil fields to avoid transportation of Mineral oil to interior places of the country as it is highly inflammable and a risky force to help in importing crude oil.
  3. It is so because to manufacture iron and steel it is used as an important source of energy and is also used as raw material in the chemical and Other industries.